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I reblog random things, most often fandom related, gay porn and pretty things. Which is very redundant.

I try to be nice and stuff, but don't push your luck.

~Sometimes I doodle things~

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Sometimes I still draw things…

Credit: (x) and (x)

I’m a bit obsessed with ravens/crows. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo.


Fine, I started this drawing like at least 10 days ago but my muse hung himself abandoned me when I watched the second part of season 7, and just decided today to finish it anyway.

Title stolen/inspired by this song.

Credit: Blood Texture

((And you know this thing I do when I make a dozen billon versions of the same pic and can’t choose  one because I hate them all? well, i made one with the image on the background only and I may like it better than the whole one OTL If Tumblr would allow me to upload images, I’d had made a set, BUT Tumblr is a bitch)).

I still owe 2 drawings, one to striped-tabby and one to walkintoasylum. Haven’t forgoten or anything ;)

p.d.: still hate drawing cars. Why do I do this to myself.

(From now on, my Sam/Dean art will go here)

So, this was a commission I finished a few days ago. Characters (Demitrius, Nazarius and Artimius.) are not mine.

And I had a hard time drawing this. First, she said ‘triplet’ and my mind processed ‘threesome’ *cringe*. But she wanted something cute, and seemed pleased with the result, so I guess my aim was not too off.

But the hardest part was that I never know how to draw 3 characters in a loving situation. It’s like one is always the third wheel, you know.  I didn’t know much about the characters besides their looks, but I didn’t want to make it seem like one was ‘apart’.

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Second request. This is for phophee. Her OC’s.

Totally different style. Hmm. Consistency, what is it?

I didn’t have much info on their appearance, so I may have made some mistakes… I was not really sure what I was doing ._.

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So this is for Melissa again, for those requests I promised I’d do. Hope you like it <3 (and that you’re feeling a bit better already)

Her promp was: Dean, night time/falling apart and blue. And angst.

And she said I could add Castiel too, b-but…this is all I could do. I don’t know okay, MAYBE SHE WANTED SOMETHING MORE LIKE DEAN/CAS BUT  I don’t really get that ship like at all and DON’T JUDGE ME. Edit: Dear heaven, what was with all those caps yesterday?  Too much caffeine, I’m telling you. Sorry.

Also, blue is more like…green ._.

And I between this and that, it seems I just can’t finish season 7, and if it’s a mention of it in later episodes just don’t spoil me, but it bothers me that Dean seems to be an alcoholic now and everybody is awwwright, thus this pic.


Now I’m going to take another energy drink and back to study all night for an exam I won’t pass anyway. I just took a break to finish this thing I had started days ago.


ETA: It’s frustrating that Tumblr won’t let me upload pics. This is not funny anymore. And can you see the high-res view, or…?

SPN: Untitled by ~Spoiled-kitten

[For some reason Tumblr holds a grudge against me and won’t let me create photo posts, so I had to share from dA…]

So, a commision for Taurelinn

Her OC’s Aki and Degel.

Sharing because it’d be nice to post  some art from time to time, you know.

But, I may still have an artblock. A very frustrating artblock OTL

(having problems with posting images again. WTF Tumblr? wtf? It just won’t charge ahgdjkleay I’m gonna schedule it for half an hour later and see if it works that way)

So, I owed Laura a drawing for her birthday. She wanted Sherlock (or Sherlock x X-men, but that was asking too much from me atm), and I did my best.

I had drawn something different, with Sherlock and Watson and the skull, and I had tried to post it yesterday but Tumblr was being nasty. Today I took a look at it again and felt the result was not worth showing so I’ll just keep it for myself.  I drew this today, kinda rushed, and I kind of like it better (even if it’s not perfect, and I prettified him a bit).

Not very original, but whatever. At least I drew something again!

Well, one day I’ll make something better. I swear.

(I still can’t upload images. I had to link it from dA. FML)

So, this post made me think of how much I suck at drawing cars, bikes, or anything machinery.

I actually remembered there was more car to see, thus the fail was worse, but this bit is enough. They don’t even look confortable sitting there. FFFUUU

Well, this happened months ago, because I was obsessed with Bony-and-Clide-esque songs. It’s not finished and will never be ._.

All the Stars in Texas (by ManimeFreak)

End Transmission (by punkywinky33)

<— rest of the album sucks, imo, but I like thi one.

City Lights

I promised I’d try to draw something. Nevermind it took me longer than expected….