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"real life doesnt have trigger warnings" imagine supermarkets taking all of the allergy warnings off of all of the foods and then being like "sorry sweetie, welcome to the real world (:" when everyone started going into anaphylactic shock

yeah, that would be like my childhood…

Hmmm. I’m not gonna touch the trigger subject, but food allergies (and other allergic processes, such as asthma) may not be the best analogy, since the most commonly accepted theory to the increase of these conditions is that we are “too clean” (the Hygiene Hypothesis). We, as kids, are exposed to very few small threats (germs and dirt), that our inmune system doesn’t develope to its “adult form”, and so to say, it sees threats where there is none.

Especifically for food allergies, there’s another factor, related to the excesive hygiene one (or part of the same problem, really), that is that babies nowadays get introduced to certain foods a bit too late, because they are considered to bear some risks (certain fishes, peanut, eggs…). But it seems said delaying in the introduction of certain solid foods produces a higher chance of developing food allergy.

It’s just a hypothesis (though quite accepted), and I’m sure there are more factors at play (like, yeah, food these days contains suspicious products sometimes, though it’s proteins that our inmune system reacts to), and there’s also an increase in the awareness of allergies, so they are identificated and reported. But my point was that it wasn’t a good analogy for triggers, because with allergies, it seems we’ve protected ourselves (and especially our children) so much, that we are weak now and opur bodies perceive everything as an attack.




"Asylum AU"

Thanks for turning literally one of the scariest fucking places on earth where you are usually stripped on all personhood and abused into a fun and quirky way to play around with your favorite characters!

Modern psychiatric hospitals aren’t hellzones.

^ thanks.

Yeah. Psychiatric hospitals are nothing like old asylums, even if they may not be perfect at all. In fact, they represent totally different concepts of what mental health is.

Also, it’s just a guess, but sometimes the poing of certain AUs is to put characters in a hard situation, an ugly place, to explore the character, etc. There are wartimes AUs too, i.e. Can they be wrong and insensitive? Yeah, but it depends on the way the author handles the subject.

And what about movies/novels/whatever? Is okay for those formats of fiction to be placed in an Asylum setting? Or should they stick to places where nobody has ever suffered?

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so as hella of you all probably already know, on march 3rd, it will have been ten years since death note made its official debut.

some of us may have been fans of the franchise for all of those ten years. some of us have joined only recently, but it is the love of every fan that has kept this fandom going for the duration.

as celebration of this longevity, death note creators takeshi obata and tsugumi ohba have released a countdown to a new project they are releasing, that will be revealed on march 3rd.

and that’s where we all come in!

as celebration of, well, the celebration, here at DN10th, we’ll be hosting a countdown to the date of march 3rd, with each day of the countdown being a day of celebration of a certain character, group, or pairing. our plan is to post as much original and fan-content as possible and we would be honored if as many fellow fans as possible could contribute to this, so please read on if you are interested!

  • the countdown will begin on february 27th. we’ll be announcing the dates of the specific celebration days with this post, so you’ll have until the days you are interested in taking part in to collect or prepare your contributions!
  • we are accepting all sorts of things! fanart, fic, your fanmixes, meta posts, anything!
  • all we ask from this is that anything you submit, you source. fanart sent in without a source will not be posted and the user to submit it will likely be blocked from taking part. 
  • if you have fic to send in, please send it in a format that contains the title, rating, summary, and a link to the original piece.
  • with fanmixes, please send them in the format of a photo post for the cover art (sourced), with a tracklist in the description and a link to the original mix. please only submit mixes you have made, unless you have explicit permission from the mix creator to share theirs.

for the most part, we’re going to keep the schedule simple so as not to stifle anyone who wants to contribute a lot of things for various characters or pairings, so:

  • from february 27th until march 2nd, please submit any content you like! with two exceptions
  • on february 28th, or, the birthday of light yagami, the day will be dedicated solely to him, first because it is his birthday, and also because he is the series’ main character.
  • to make sure no minor or underrated characters are under-represented, we are going to have a minor characters day on march 1st
  • other than that, the choice of what you want to submit is yours! 
  • enjoy yourselves, and good luck! 


ever wanted to do some stuff? like, different stuff? tired of having to scroll through your huge ref tag? LOOK NO FURTHER!! Have a masterpost of LITERALLY EVERYTHING which took me 5 hours to make so reblog it








Cheer up/Be happy





Mental health:

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I’m not receiving asks, and i’m not sure the ones i send are received either. if someone wants to contact me, try fanmail, or maybe an email to Soorryyy.

stripedtabby reblogged your photo and added:

silviiiaaaaa!!! thats a gorgeous color aahhh and i…

ADSGFDGHJFK thank you, Cat. I’m really happy with it but it’s high-manteinance for a lazy ass like me, lol

I don’t know what to say about the selfies. In Mel’s case, i think it means “cute but badass”. In my case, maybe “are you sure you want to post that, self?”

*hugs you*

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pendancy replied to your post: anonymous asked:would you ever be…

I would kill to be able to commission you. Definitely message me if/when they’re open and I’m all over it. You are, hands-down, my favorite fanartist. (also ty anon for asking, haha)

I will. If things go well, I shoud have free time.

Thanks a lot <333

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Anonymous Asked:
would you ever be available for an art commission?

My answer:

Hi there,

Yes, I’d be :)

You look awesome!!

Thank you, cutie! :)

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