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I reblog random things, most often fandom related, gay porn and pretty things. Which is very redundant.

I try to be nice and stuff, but don't push your luck.

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Did I ever tell you guys that once my friend bought a hot chocolate but for some reason when she started drinking it she couldn’t get any of the hot chocolate so she started sucking on it really hard until a weird long furry thing came out so she opened it up and there was a giant huntsman spider on the inside of the lid 

are you Australian



Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now until the hour of our death, Amen.

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Following on from Art Alp’s earlier post (Black Sails sequence), here are similarly baroque sculptures by artist and probable madman, Kris Kuksi.

The man hours that must go into producing the fine detail in these works is almost inconceivable. One could get lost for hours on any one work’s lower half. The term exotic nightmare comes
to mind. Genius.

Go here to see more

The only two times all four Winchesters were together during the show

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Addams Family Dancing


Got an ombre done in my hair. :) I hope to attempt this again and go more blonde at the bottom once I have more hair to work with. My hair is still pretty short. (Poo.) I’m too afraid to go big or go home with highlights and such because I love my natural red hair! But this was a fun change of pace. <3 xxoo

Woah, your hair is not short at all. It’s a great mane. It suits your face. And the color is awesome, looks like fire. It also matches your shirt and sparkly make-up, heh.

So pretty, you have the loveliest eyes <3

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To be frank here, I’m not normally the kind of person to do this, to go online and ask things of total strangers. Normally I try to figure out an answer on my own, but this time things are beyond me. I need help and I’m hoping that this might circulate enough to help me find it.

The sweet darling you see above is named Roberta. She has been with my mother for over three years now, and she is an absolute darling. Roberta is known to find those she is affectionate toward and curl up in their laps, on their chests, or across their shoulders for loving. When my mom sleeps at night Roberta slips over to her, crawls under the blankets, and sleeps on her chest. This cat is pure affection, and beautiful to boot… Until the combination of her returning medical condition and Hurricane Sandy combined to put my mother into an untenable situation.

Unfortunately, as you see in the last two pictures, Roberta is not well. That red you see? That isn’t cotton, that is a polyp growing in her ear. It bleed frequently and contact with it creates serious bleeding. The pain and irritation have driven Roberta batty, and she eats less, pulls out her fur, and refuses to let the other cat or the dog in the house get near her because they try to lick her ear to make her better, but only make it bleed. Roberta has lost two pounds since Sandy and while she’s a small cat she looks and feels like flesh and bones. I can’t pet her without feeling every vertebra distinctly, and she is feather light to pick up now. As for the medical condition, well… Here is a bit of information my mom has provided about the condition of our lovely Roberta.

"I have been searching desperately for help or advice concerning my "rescue kitty" Roberta. She has chronic polyps that grow inside her ear canals and the one pictured is particularly fast-growing.  The only option for her (aside from euthanasia) is surgery to remove her ear canals.  Surgery will leave Roberta deaf, of course, but she’s a much loved and pampered indoor-only kitty and I would rather have her deaf and comfortable as opposed to putting her down so she doesn’t suffer.
Roberta has already had two surgeries to remove the polyps but they keep growing back.  The vet recommended removing the ear canals and I agreed it was best.  Before the surgery was scheduled, Hurricane Sandy came along and destroyed the house I was renting, all my possessions, my savings account, and my credit.”

My mom had only been living in New Jersey for a few months before Sandy hit. Pretty much every single possession she had with her was destroyed or ruined. While things survive from being in storage back in Ohio as her move hadn’t been completed, Sandy has ruined her as it has ruined many lives. But, despite it all, my mom had come through it with both of her cats. It was enough to have that and her family. Unfortunately the situation was stressful and by taking almost everything away from her, they took away what money my mother had been setting aside to help Roberta.

That was, as we all know, over a year ago. My mother has been having trouble with jobs, with hours, with minimum wage, and getting back into a real home is now a far more pressing need than helping her cat. Which is why she is searching for something to help her.

The surgery Roberta needs has been estimated at nearly $4000. My mother and I are not asking for that. Not yet. We’re desperate but we haven’t reached the point of begging stranger for money for Roberta. Instead what spare time my mother has is put toward research. She searches for organizations, funds, vets, vet schools, anything that can help her help Roberta at a lower cost.

What do my mother and I need? Information. Advice. Someone to point us in the right direction. If you can provide us information on any of the following please send me a message here, reblog this with an answer, send me fanmail, or just send me a message to ask me for contact information for me so we can have a longer conversation or exchange websites or anything else like that.

We are looking for:

  • Animal charities/organizations that might help fund the procedure.
  • Animal charities/Organizations based in New Jersey that give us advice
  • Veterinarian schools in Sourthern Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania who might do the surgery at low cost as a learning procedure
  • Any other advice that could help us help Roberta

My mom closes her e-mails to the various organizations she contacts with this, and I feel it works here too.

"Roberta truly is a darling little kitty and she has been such a wonderful companion, especially since Hurricane Sandy took our relaxed life away. She deserves to live out her life in comfort."
Please help us if you can. I ask you for my mother. I ask you for Roberta. I ask you for my memories of terrible fevers made easier by having the most affectionate little ball of fluff curl up on my pillow and purr so loud that she woke me out of horrifying fever dreams.

Please, help us, even if it is only a reblog to try and reach users in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Thank you.

POSTED 1/4/2014

ETA 1/5/2014 - Latest information about decisions/funding/questions is located   here

ETA 1/8/2014 - Two updates on this day. Second has the most up to date info on where we are with starting to accept donations (not quite yet). 

First is Here

Second is Here

ETA 1/10/2014 - Donations are now being accepted


ETA 2/8/2014 - Donations at 63% and ~32 days left. Roberta has been to the vet and we have an update on her condition.

Vet Visit Update

ETA 2/27/2014 - Donations at 67% and ~12 days left. Roberta holding on but we still need more help. Condition update.

Weight and Donation Amount Update




A sculpture of the Roman Colosseum, done in a real tooth.

Not sure if cool or terrifying…

if the bacteria in your mouth have evolved to reach the level of Roman civilization, you should probably brush your teeth

But it’s not a real tooth. If I’m not wrong, it was CG for a toothpaste ad.

I don’t think you can carve teeth like that.

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